Funders & Clients

University Research Co., LLC (URC) is a global company dedicated to improving the quality of health care, social services, and health education in over 40 countries worldwide.

Established in 1965, they offer a range of technical assistance to strengthen health and social systems and service quality by empowering communities and health workers to identify and scale up locally appropriate solutions to critical problems. URC focuses on finding ways to deliver proven approaches to health care problems, applying quality improvement (QI) methods, and conducting operations research to tailor those approaches to various settings.

URC is running a tuberculosis programme in South Africa and is supporting the work F4L does, by funding our TB and HIV programme in correctional centres. With the support of URC, F4L is working in several Gauteng-based prisons to train offenders on the SETA-accredited F4L modules with specific focus on TB and its links to HIV.

F4L would like to thank URC for its support.


The Department of Social Development has employed F4L several times to conduct 2 or 3 day workshops on gender and issues of masculinity. The coaches conduct facilitated dialogues over the course of the workshop with personal exercises allowing individuals to reflect on the changes they wish to introduce in their life.


F4L has worked with SAB in conducting short discussions on social issues combined with football activities. Theses sessions have been part of specific functions organized by SAB and form part of SAB’s CSI activities.



F4L worked closely with the Scrutinize team to provide community mobilization and supportive messaging during the Scrutinize campaign. This saw the F4L team travel to many rural and urban areas to engage with community members about the Scrutinize messaging. Further, F4L has trained thousands of school going youth using the Scrutinize toolkit.



The F4L coaches have been trained on the Brothers For Life toolkit and are able to facilitate community dialogues on their material. The coaches have supported the Brothers For Life campaign and have hosted dialogues and messaged events on behalf of the movement.