About the organisation

Our organization, Footballers 4 Life (F4L) is a registered Section 21 company working in the field of education and health, specifically looking at life skills and social issues. F4L makes use of retired professional football players, coupled with other coaches who are passionate about football. All coaches are trained in life skills and wellness, and go into communities to share their knowledge and experience.

The programme was developed specifically around the key aspect of using celebrities to conduct training and facilitation simply because society has a fascination with celebrities and wants to listen to celebrities before listening to any ‘ordinary’ person. In a country such as South Africa where “football rules”, using retired players to conduct the training was an obvious choice. In this learning environment, there is a far higher retention rate. All of our retired players have been trained at the highest level in health and education, and have at least 3 years of training and facilitation experience.

F4L believes in using sport for development and therefore uses either messaged sporting activities and/or sports personalities to conduct training. Sport is fun, physical and requires active involvement; aspects that encourage positive behaviour change and learning.

To date, F4L has worked with:
67 schools
17 higher education institutions
30 correctional facilities
34 football teams
22 workplace institutions
reaching 95 000 youths and adults


Quotes from Assistant Coaches

I enjoyed attending Footballers 4 Life course; in each and every session I have attended I came out a different person. What it means to be a man topic made me to realize that as a man I need to be responsible and treat women with respect. Footballers 4 Life have transformed me to be a better man, I am proud to say I have quit drugs and I use to abuse them, I didn’t care about the effect of these substance, as a footballer myself our facilitator put it clear to us and made personal examples and I could relate from him. I have learned a lot from the program and I edge others to part of the program, because they will learn a lot
- Collen Lehlohonolo Moeketsi

Footballers 4 Life programs has helped me to understand that a person can live a productive life when he is HIV positive and we should not be afraid to go test for TB, because it is curable. This program has build confident in me, I was one of those people who were shy but today I can stand in front of the people and talk. One of the best module that Footballers 4 Life has given us is stress handling, I use to stress a lot and the program has helped me to take one step at the time, I am very happy to have attended.
- Nhlanhla Nkabinde

Before I did life skills with Footballers 4 Life I had a negative attitude and behavior towards life in general and I had a lot of questions but no answers to them, today I can boldly say that after doing footballers 4 Life course my life has changed. I am a man who can take right decisions, my life has changed and everyday I am striving to better man. The program has reminded me that I have a choice in life and the decision I make today will determine my future. Whenever I have some problems I always visit my Footballers manual and go through it and boost my confident. I have hurt lot of people including my parents, my friends and siblings because of the decision that I took. The program for me is a mentoring tool, because the coaches are celebrities and they use their experience to teach
– Thabo Zondo